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More often it is observed that the clients have vague ideas about their requirements in the initial stages. This may result into repeated changes in the project being required which can cause discomfort to them.

Eleiss provides consulting service to those who look to set up their IT infrastructure, upgrade it, or migrate it to Linux.

We consult for the innovative requirements as well, which may not be mentioned on this site but can be provided on Linux distributions CentOS, Redhat and Fedora. We also provide custom Linux kernel configuration suitable for our clients' needs. Our services also include Shell Scripting, PHP scripting and System Programming in C/C++.

The consulting comprises of the below stages in given order.


  • Assessing the current system.
  • Listing out the resources available with client.
  • Understanding the needs of our client.
  • Suggesting a feasible migration system to cost effective yet quality open source solutions.

Planning and Designing

  • After assessing the current system we plan the solution.
  • We take into consideration the best open source tools and technologies while planning the solution.
  • In the design phase the detailed scope of the project is determined.

Tailoring the Solution

  • Once the planning & designing phase is completed, the solution is engineered.
  • We apply our best software engineering practice for development of a solution.
  • Our tailormade solutions comprise of one or more solutions from server, network, security, desktop solutions and/or custom solution.
  • We may provide our proprietary binaries within our solution which do not fall under any open source license.
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