Eleiss is housed in one of the most well known business building, International Trade Centre, at Majura Gate which is the hub of business area in Surat.


“Surat - the 9th largest city of India, which is also dubbed as ‘The diamond city of India’, ‘The textile city of India’, ‘The smartest city of India’ and ‘The cleanest city of India’ has seen a huge development in the IT sector in the last decade owing to its ingenious entrepreneurial spirit.”

Eleiss believes that the developers are meant to solve more than just the functional part of the software; they must address the accessibility and design of software which forms a bridge between the humans and the software. With firm roots in IT security and networks - the safety and integrity of the data, software and servers is the integral part of any project undertaken at Eleiss.

The ingrained research culture has allowed the firm to in-corporate the newest and the best of technology and infrastructure to design, develop and deploy software projects which are large in scale and highly efficient.
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Every year the fresh talent – from computer engineering undergrads to MBAs - join us as interns. It provides them three months position, giving them the mentorship and experience to work with actual project teams.

Friday Fun

Each week at Eleiss ends with the entire team coming together for a fun filled evening of games and party. The intent is to celebrate the weeks achievements and infuse the spirit of team work and collaboration.