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Why Linux ?

No viruses, worms and trojans

Yes it is true that Linux hardly has any viruses. But how viruses, worms and trojans do not harm Linux operating system ? There are several reasons behind that.

  • Linux by default does not understand Windows executable formats. And hence apparently Linux would not understand viruses, worms or trojans made for Windows operating systems.
  • Linux is an Open Source operating system and hence unlike Windows and other proprietary operating systems its every piece of code is made available free for people. So any malicious things can not be hidden. More eyes make fewer security flaws.
  • Linux has strong authorization needed whenever any process wants to access the system.
  • Even if you plug a virus infected pen drive on your Linux machine, it won't affect the system. [ top ]


Have you ever lost your work because your operating system crashed ? You always shut down your computer properly but do you sometimes shut it off because your operating system has hung and does not let you do anything ? "Blue dead screen" is a very popular reason because of which a computer needs to be restarted.

Linux may not be the perfect system, but it is stable enough not to crash even after several years. When a system runs for long without restarting or shutting down, it can be called a stable one. It is true for Linux as it can run for years without any need to restart.

Most of the time you won't leave your computer on for years, but for servers such stability is mandatory. [ top ]

Cost effective

Linux does not have the virus problem and hence anti-virus software is not needed. This saves the amount of money that could have been spent. And also the system utilization gets better.

Linux is stable and hence does not need to be installed very often. This saves the amount of time and efforts that could have been spent behind "monthly" operating system installation.

Linux is open source and hence is free to use. No licenses are needed in order to use it. All you have to pay is for the commercial services you take.

Applications that you need are also open source which do not need to be paid for obtaining a license. [ top ]


Linux is open source. So it comes with the freedom of not only using it, but also modifying and redistributing it. It is the freedom because of which more eyes are looking over it across the world. [ top ]


You all must have experienced that your operating system gets infected by Viruses, Trojans, Malwares and Worms very soon when connected to Internet. Even data transfer mediums such as USB pen drives, CD/DVDs, Memory cards or any such are one of the biggest sources of viruses and such unwanted programs. We already have seen the "No Virus" section. Your Linux system is secure against such viruses and worms etc.

Linux is open source and so more eyes make fewer flaws. Flaws that are encountered, are patched very soon and patches are made available. On the contrary, Windows and other proprietary operating system's code is not available for everyone and so frequency of released patches in those operating systems is very less compared to Linux.

Linux has kernel built in firewall namely "iptables" which keeps your server from all the network attacks both from the Internet and Local Area Network. Linux also has Mandatory Access Control also known as MAC security sublevel to keep your Linux box safe. All you need is a good security practice [ top ]

Driver support

Drivers for most of the hardware devices do not need to be installed separately while using Linux because most of the hardware drivers are built into the kernel of the Operating System. Today, more and more hardware manufacturers are preparing their hardware devices with Linux compatibility. The Linux drivers are easily available on the manufacturers website. [ top ]

End of Piracy

As Linux is open source there is no need to pay for its licenses. Why do you pay for an operating system license when you have got your own computer ? A lot of and a lot more applications are available to use in open source. From office products to home user utilities, from image manipulation to 3D animation, from programming tools to large IDEs. All these applications are also free to use. Why to use piracy? [ top ]

More number of application softwares

There are a lot of applications available in the world of Linux and open source. Applications for everybody and that too without any license fees. Applications for home users, office users, corporates, engineers, school students, graphics developers, IT developers, accountants, mathematicians, and the list goes on and on. [ top ]

Next generation OS

Today Linux has many organizations and commercial institutes working for it. Eleiss is one of the commercial institutes. We all are enhancing the features of the system. Today, Linux runs on almost every piece of hardware i.e Desktops, servers, laptops, palm tops, netbooks, notebooks, mobiles, embedded devices, robots. It is a next generation OS. [ top ]


You might have heard somebody saying "My operating system is running very slow, I am going to reinstall". This is true and it runs slow after several days of a fresh installation. And once if your operating system has been infected by the malwares, trojans, backdoors, worms and viruses, the performance of your system degrades.

Linux is very stable and does not need to reinstall because it runs the same way even after several years. Viruses, worms and other unwanted malicious program does not infect a Linux machine so the resources of the hardware are not wasted. [ top ]

No Backdoors

It is a very common complaint for desktop users that "My Internet is very slow". Many viruses and backdoors get installed in your operating system when it is connected to Internet. Backdoors may share your confidential data with hackers across the Internet. And this confidential data includes your system passwords, your credit card numbers, your bank account credentials, your email address credentials and many more. A properly configured Linux machine allows only legitimate processes to connect to Internet. Any backdoors like viruses and malwares are not effective over a Linux machine. [ top ]

Runs even on old computer

Do you have an old computer in your yard ? Are you going to throw it away for cheap price ? Wait, try Linux to utilize it someway. Yes Linux can turn it into a home theater, proxy server, backup server or a firewall or any other dedicated application. [ top ]

Migration is easy and handy

Migrating from Windows to Linux is very handy and easy. Now a days more and more computer users are willing to give a try to Linux. Because,

  • Linux can be installed on a computer along with Windows. You can boot your computer either with Windows or with Linux. So you can continue with your Windows until you get familiar with Linux.
  • Linux is very user friendly and learning it does not need any extra efforts.
  • Most of the documents of Windows can be accessed in Linux as well. In fact you can share your data between your Windows and Linux.
  • Linux support most of the document formats, so you can use it in your office.
  • Servers can be migrated to Linux without much fuss. [ top ]

Why still stick to Windows ?

Having read a good article on "Why Linux", still there may be some chances that compel you to stick to Windows,

  • You are a hardcore gamer.
  • You have a proprietary software application you can't live without. [ top ]
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