Linux Services

Linux Services

Today no IT infrastructure can be imagined without Linux and open source. Linux is a powerful operating system that has been taking the world by storm over the last few years. It has enabled the Internet to flourish and has provided a cost effective platform for the servers.

Our Consulting brings years of experience in providing high quality Linux support plans for companies and individuals. We offer a wide variety of support and administration contracts ranging from single per incident projects to enterprise class administration and outsourcing in Linux server and network management.

Linux distributions we support are:
RedHat, CentOS and Fedora

The quality support of ours will not let you down in any circumstances.

  • To create a personal cloud for hosting your app
  • The modern container infrastructure – Docker and Kubernetes
  • Virtual servers
  • Task automation
  • Network infrastructure and security
  • Intra network facilities for your company – proxy, file sharing, routing, backup server
  • Corporate VPN server
  • Corporate email server
  • Remote server administration
  • Security auditing and server hardening


  • RAID and LVM configuration
  • Performance tuning
  • Shell scripting
  • System troubleshooting and debugging


  • DHCP
  • IP Masquerading and NAT
  • iptables configuring and tuning
  • OpenSSH and OpenSSL
  • TCP wrapper


  • File servers: Samba, NFS
  • Proxy: Squid
  • Directory services: OpenLDAP


  • Mail server: postfix
  • pop & imap: dovecot
  • ftp: vsftpd
  • Web services: apache, php, SSL
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL


  • Which Linux distributions do you support?

    We specialize in CentOS 5/6/7, RedHat 5/6/7 and Fedora > 14. However we can support other Linux distributions too. Consult us for more info.

  • Do you provide support for VPS or dedicated server in a third party data centre?

    Yes. We setup, configure, secure, monitor and support VPS and dedicated servers for our customers.

  • Are you a hosting service provider?


  • Do you provide on premise service?

    No. We train our customers to be able to take remote support from us.

  • What kind of support do you provide?

    You can opt for either on demand support or an AMC.