Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Millions of users giving a substantial amount of their time and attention to social media make it the most promising media for marketing today. Social media, being digital, is capable of evolving at immense pace which has left the tradition media pale in its comparison.

Yet its biggest draw lies in it being a multiway communication channel. You can’t compare a TV or a hoarding advertisement to a social media page. Social media brand pages are meant to make their audiences feel inclusive to the brand. It is a relationship that has to be built and nurtured.

Social Media Marketing

The very benefits of the social media become its biggest challenges when it comes to competing for the love of your target audience. The millions of bytes of data that is uploaded on the social media every single minute makes it challenging for a mediocre marketing campaign to succeed. WE make your brand stand out among the crowd to be noticed, liked, loved, followed & shared!

Content is the King

The most essential thing for a successful social media campaign is to present the product, service or the brand in a creative perspective over a long period without being repetitive. It is imperative to design immersive content that can excite and engage the target audience.

From taking advantage of the trending news to the interactive content we make sure your brand finds a connect with the audience.

The festivals can provide a great mileage to any marketing when done right. It is about striking that perfect balance between the occasion and the brand.

Animated GIFs are a rage. Apart from grabbing instant attention, it is a great format for encouraging action. The GIF games created by us for our clients have earned them a loyal fan following on social media.

The the growth of smart phone user base and fast internet will ensure that videos will only see rise in popularity across all social media platforms.

This Facebook cover video created for a dairy brand brings the experience of ‘enjoying hot milk tea’ to life.


  • What are the social media packages?

    There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” way to build an audience. You can create a custom package to meet your marketing needs on our online quote calculator.

  • Can I opt for a single social media platform?

    Yes, you can.

  • Do I get to see the content before it is posted on social media?

    We specialize in creating the best content to engage your target audience. We do not bother our customers in the content creation process.

  • How well in advance do I need to provide updates?

    At least 1 week before the date.

  • Do you provide the product photography service?

    No, we do not offer this service.

  • How many likes will I get?

    A good social media campaign is always about engaging the target audience and building a positive brand image.

  • Do you need admin control of our business page?

    Yes, we do.

  • What are the payment terms?

    100% in advance. The longer service period you choose, the more discounts you get.

  • Do I get a trial of Social Media services?

    No free trials. But you can opt for social media activity for a short period of 3 months.

  • What will social media for my business look like?

    We create the best content to engage your target audience for branding and sales of your product or services. We back our customers to get the maximum return on investment.

  • Can I not post same content on all social media platforms?

    We do not recommend. Every social media has different standards for posts. Every social media supports different features.