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The rise of smart devices, especially the smartphones, means that a website is the shortest route to any company globally. As a website is usually the first point of contact, most people form an opinion about a company based on its website.

This makes it important to design and develop a website within the context of product, target audience and intent.

We enable the vision of your business with the capability of technology to achieve quick as well as sustained results.

A well planned and engaging UI can make a visitor intuitively spend more time on a website resulting in a better recall value for the brand.

The smart flow of content and Call-to-Action are essential features to achieve the motive of a website. They control visitors browsing pattern and actions on the website.

A non-conformist yet smooth user experience makes a website which has both beauty and utility.

Even the mundane features like inquiry forms can be transformed into an application to overcome communication issues and improve the quantity as well as quality of business inquiries.

The UI for the website of a Kathak artist with a backdrop of Indian classical dance tradition creates an instant connection with its audience.

Eleiss Template Viewer

This is an in-house developed demo and quotation system by Eleiss to provide transparent quotes and quick delivery of websites to clients across the globe.



  • Is the expense one time or recurring?

    You can opt for up to 5 years of services to avoid recurring yearly payments and avail the benefit of maximum discount.

  • Can I get content for my web presence prepared by Eleiss?

    Yes! We do provide paid service of professional content writing and image editing for our customers.

  • Do you provide product photography service?

    No, we do not offer this service for now.

  • How much time will it take to make my website?

    Eleiss Template Viewer customers get the delivery of the website in a week after placing the order and providing the required data for the development.

    The delivery time for custom web projects depends upon the size of the project. A mid sized project with exclusive UI/UX can take 1 to 3 months to complete.

  • What are the payment terms?

    You need to pay at least 50% in advance at the time of placing the order for a project of above INR 35,000. Remaining 50% must be paid after the website is developed, before making it live for the visitors.

    However, you can opt for 100% advance payment and get discounts of up to 20% on the deal.

  • How to switch from my current website service provider to Eleiss?

    We support you in the domain transfer process once the order is placed. The hosting service for your new website will be managed by Eleiss.

  • Can I change the content of my website?

    Eleiss Template Viewer customers enjoy free content update service. You can send us the changes from your registered email address and we will update your website within 2 working days.

    You can also opt for a dynamic website to manage data changes on your own.

  • Difference between SEO Basic and Xtreme

    We host your website on an optimized and search engine friendly hosting environment in the SEO Basic service. This hosting environment loads pages, images and other files faster than the normal one. We also tune up your content to achieve better search results.

    SEO Xtreme has all the features of SEO Basic. Above that we engage your website with third party paid services to generate more traffic for your website.

  • Can I host a website developed somewhere else on Eleiss hosting?

    Our hosting service is optimized to achieve the best performance for the websites developed by us. We do not host third party websites on our servers.

    However, you can have us setup and host your website on your server.