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Corporate Training

With this training program we help IT professionals to work in better way in their profession. Desktop engineers of SMEs and large corporates are trained.

Corporate Basics

Eleiss, Desktop solution

Course content

  • History of Linux and operating system
  • Basic file system structure in Linux
  • Difference between windows and Linux
  • KDE and GNOME desktop environments
  • Locating and launching applications
  • Create/copy/delete/edit files, directories, documents
  • System settings
  • Dealing with hardware like printer, pen drive, cd/dvd, camera, mic, bluetooth, card reader,LAN card
  • Network settings and connecting to the Internet
  • Basic Commands
  • Back up and restore utility
  • File system tuning
Eleiss, Desktop solution


  • Desktop Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Computer Lab Assistants
  • IT Professionals
Eleiss, Desktop solution


  • IT Profile
Eleiss, Desktop solution


  • 30 Hours
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