Campaign Pages

Improve the performance of your advertising campaigns

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Campaign Pages

The custom, branded and centralised campaign pages on Eleiss Marketing Deck let you overcome the limitations of lead generating advertisement on marketing platforms like Facebook and Google to improve the campaign performance. With no restrictions on image type & dimension, the content and its presentation; use the campaign pages across your email, SMS, social media and Google ad campaigns for greater ad campaign response.

Improve conversion

Eleiss Marketing Deck lets you create landing pages that are detailed and impressive. Link up conversion forms and CTAs to these campaign pages to achieve more conversions and qualified leads.

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Increase visitor retention

The campaign pages use shared site assets like navigation, header and footer. This encourages the visitors coming from ad campaign to browse across your site and explore more about your brand. Eventually this leads to higher average visitor time on site.

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Track your prospects

The campaign pages along with tracking feature and conversion forms help you generate refined data for re-marketing by tracking interested prospects from ad campaigns. This creates an ideal opportunity to transit from mass ad campaigns to targeted ad campaigns.

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Run unlimited campaigns

The campaign pages on Eleiss Marketing Deck are not visible on your site navigation bar and the site map. Eleiss Marketing Deck prohibits the search engines from indexing campaign pages on SERPs. This enables you to create multiple campaign pages with duplicate content for marketing on different platforms. This also facilitates easy comparison of the performance of each campaign via live reports.

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