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Diamond 5,399  /mon
Everything in GOLD, plus:
System users
Staff users
Link users to CTA
Inquiry routing
Two factor authentication
Most Loved
Gold 4,499  /mon
Everything in SILVER, plus:
Campaign pages
HTTPS Hosting
Faster loading
Search bar
Social media sharing
Silver 2,699  /mon
Corporate web presentation
Conversion forms
Visitor tracking
SEO Assistance
Site wide WhatsApp chat
Image Description
Image Description
15,000 Free for annual subscriptions Marketing Deck Onboarding Get a first time 15 page business web presentation made for you on your Marketing Deck account

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Diamond ₹5,999/monGold ₹4,999/monSilver ₹2,999/mon
Web Presentation
Landing Pages (unlimited)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free CMS
Multi module presentation
Navigation management (visibility and ordering)
Header and footer configurator
Custom Theme styling
Search bar
Google Map integration
Free Eleiss domain
Connect to existing domain
Inbound Inquiries
Call-to-Actions (unlimited)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Conversion Forms (unlimited)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Site wide WhatsApp chat New
Live Chat
Form linking
Inquiry notifications
Inquiry routing
Form submission report
Form submission management
Use form data for re-marketing
Use form data on any 3rd party marketing platform
No tied-up form submission limit
Campaign Pages New
Social Media Sharing
Responsive web theme
Facebook tracking
Google analytics
Instagram galleries
Twitter feed
Social media optimization
External scripts
SEO Assistance
Easy SEO management
Auto sitemap
Auto favicon
Auto Google schema
SLUG control
Ease of Use
Draft Mode
Content Scheduling
Quick page actions
Image and data collections
CSV download
Form linking
Quick search
Performance Booster
Ultrafast loading
Image optimization
Two factor authentication
Privacy control
Page locking
User roles
Form security (reCaptcha)
Collaborate with Team
User management
Manage form notification recipients
Staff users New
Link user to Call-To-Action New
Private content
No per user license fees (unlimited users)
Live Reports
Active assets
Visitors by device
Visitors by country
Web page performance
Blog performance
Campaign page performance
Form submission report
Call-To-Action engagements
Traffic acquisition report
User Guide -> Knowledge Base
1 hr consultation with marketing consultant
Half hour of jump start training session
Diamond ₹5,999/monGold ₹4,999/monSilver ₹2,999/mon

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