The redirects on the Eleiss Marketing Deck ensure that the broken links don’t end up on SERPs and your site visitors don’t bounce from the broken links.

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The redirects take the visitors and the search engines to a new page when an old page is no longer available (404).

Upgrade to the Eleiss Marketing Deck without any hassles

Migrate from your current website to the Eleiss Marketing Deck without broken links. Just set up the redirects for your old URLs to the new Eleiss Marketing Deck URLs and ensure a seamless transition for visitors and search engines.

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Update content without losing visitors

Redirect your site visitors from the discontinued old product links to new product link and get a chance to market your new product without putting any extra effort.

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Use your site for promotional activities

The easy to use redirects let you create temporary pages for the offers and events without the downside of ending up with broken links on SERPs when you remove these promotional pages.

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