Use Form Data On3rd Party Marketing Apps

Choose where to use visitors' phone numbers and email IDs

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Use form data on 3rd party marketing apps

Re-target all the prospects, who have filled forms on your site, via the re-targeted advertisements. Simply use the CSV data from the submission report and reach out to these prospects via Google ads, Facebook ads, SMS ads, and email campaigns.

Keep prospects informed

Use the data from submission reports to keep the prospects informed on new product launch, offers and new developments.

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Follow up

Filter the data of submission report and use it to run campaigns for follow ups on prospects who have shown interest to buy from you.

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Re-grab interest

Download the list of prospects of the past and use it for ad campaigns to re-grab their interest.

Learn how to use the data from Eleiss Marketing Deck's form submission reports like a pro in a free marketing consultation with our experts.

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